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sleep has made me indifferent.
i want to move to a land where sports are unimportant
and men dont wear cargo shorts
nobody's ready for the fall
we just keep swinging and singing

and one day we'll watch
the bottom fall out and
we might feel it
but we'll keep on

swinging and singing
i believe kanye said it best..

there's a thousand you's and only one of me.
dont drop it

last night/this morning steve and i came close to breaking up. it was a very very hard thing for both of us to face - i don't have a grasp on the relationship, and he doesn't deserve that.

we're gonna work through it (we hope).
i think we can.

my dad sent me picturemail of holly playing in the snow today.. it made me emotional.

joanna and i are roadtripping to LA in may. i am ecstatic.
...does anyone feel like going to Los Angeles with me this summer?

more realistically speaking, who wants to go to Montreal for a couple days during spring break? (My spring break is from the 15th of march- 23rd of march)... legal drinking age is 18.. whos with me?
don't assume that I have had nothing bad happen to me
and that I waste my energy worrying about stupid things

I'm sorry, baby, but you don't know what my history is. and you wouldn't understand that I am the only person holding my family together - without a reality check from me, my family would spiral downwards fast.

i'm just saying you don't feel the same pressure I do. yes, you feel pressure, but it's definetely not the same kind.
this semester needs to end :

this semester needs to end NOW.

i cannot do all this shit i have to do in the short amount of time i have to do it.
i have so much on my mind.

thankfully, this is the last week of classes, and although i have 3 big assignments due, the biggest 3 assignments are out of the way. and frankly, finals should be decently easy in debate and english.. its just the org comm and history finals i need to worry about.

ok i feel a little relieved.

with maturity
i have learned to accept rejection

not as a challenge for the task at hand
but as a challenge for the future.

* * *yes, i was burned
* * *but i called it a lesson learned
it's an option.

it's everything in my life.

self reliance:
envy is ignorance;
imitation is suicide.

we are not balloons!!

we are not camels!!

i cannot be more blunt!!
this summer was the most fabulous thing to ever happen to my life.

tim & joanna, you guys mean everything and so much more to me. thinking of all the times we spent together is killing me now because i don't have you guys here with me.
it doesn't matter that mirabar is nasty, we fucking glammed that shit up almost every single wednesday and saturday this summer. they just could NOT handle us in prov.
smoking, drinking, nitrous... fashion and waitering and gtech...
we are 2 blondes and a brunette

i just wanted to write a super gay LJ note and tell you guys how much you both mean to me.

ps. i keep a jar of nutella on my dresser in front of my mirror.

pps. who can tell me how many hazelnuts are in a jar of nutella?
wit techNIQUE

i have a boyfriend named steven, i am very very quickly falling for him in a way that i have never fallen for someone before.

my mother is marrying the guy she's been dating for 2 months, i've only met him one time.

i was too broke too afford groceries last week so i bought a pack of newports to smoke to suppress my appetite.

i party every waking second that isn't spent in class or at h&m.

judge me, judge me, judge me. i don't care. my life is fabulous. stressful and busy, but fabulous.

once upon a time there are 7 stitches in my forehead

because i was tackled into a wall at a party...

you know, this new life is just amazing. i havent been happier in so long.
i am broke, but i am happy.